Bali Favorites: Canggu Edition

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Canggu is the small surfer/hipster beach town that we spend most of our time in when we are in Bali.  It is full of amazing restaurants and bars, it’s right on the beach and is a hot spot for expats. If you are looking to sight see I would not necessarily recommend Canggu as the vibe is very laid back.  It is however, an easy day trip to Uluwatu and Seminyak so could be a great place to post up during your trip! 



Surfers from all over the world flock to Bali for its waves.  I would recommend surfing in Canggu if you have some experience (it’s not the best for beginners).  Rent a board in front of Old Man’s to surf on the beach directly in front of it or walk down to the next beach, Echo Beach to surf there.


One of the absolute best things about Bali is the spas!  You can find tons of massage places in Canggu that will average you about $7.50 for an hour Balinese massage.  If you feel like spending a few extra dollars, I would highly recommend Spring Spa.  It is new to Canggu and absolute gorgeous.  The service is exceptional and you will enjoy an incredible massage for about $20/hour!

Website: http://www.springspa.com/

Spring Spa Canggu Bali


There are a few great yoga studios in Canggu, however, my favorite studio is The Practice.  It is in the heart of Canggu directly on Batu Bolong.  The structure of the studio looks like a large bamboo tree house and is a breathtaking place to practice yoga.  No need to make a reservation, just look up the schedule online and show up for class!

Website: https://www.thepracticebali.com/

The Practice Bali Canggu Yoga Studio


  • On the last Saturday of every month, there is an incredible market at Old Man’s. Artisans show up with everything from bathing suits to jewelry to clothing and home goods.  It is an incredible place to meet local artisans and support their small businesses!  You will leave with lots of amazing Bali goods. 

  •  If you are not in Canggu on the last Saturday of the month, not to worry! There are beautiful boutiques that line the main road of Batu Bolong. It won’t be the same deals as getting goods from the markets but you are sure to find some gorgeous stuff!

Shopping Bali Ubud Canggu

  •  If you want to pick up some fresh fruit, homemade breads or kombucha, head to the Farmer’s market outside of Samadi Yoga. The market is held every Sunday until about 3pm. 

Farmers Market Canggu Bali

Favorites places to Have a Drink & Watch the Sunset
(These places have food as well but not necessary my favorite food recommendations)

The Lawn

The Lawn is a staple in Canggu.  It is s restaurant/bar directly on the beach.  There is a large open lawn (duh) with bean bag chairs overlooking their pool on the ocean.  I love to go for a sundowner and watch the sunset here but it is also a great place to spend the day by the pool or to enjoy a nice dinner on the water.  They are known for their amazing cocktails!

The Lawn Canggu Bali

Old Mans

Old Man’s is about a 2 min walk from The Lawn and is an old school Canggu classic.  People come to hang out and drink beers day and night.  Its right off the beach and great spot to chill.

Old Mans Canggu Bali


Deus is a cool bar and restaurant in the heart of Canggu.  Head the back patio where there are different events taking place almost every night and almost always live music.  Event example - Tuesday’s is Tattoos & Tacos night and yes – they give out free tattoos!  Great place to have a burger and a beer. 

La Brisa

La Brisa is a new beautiful beach club right on Echo Beach.  It is great place to spend the day chilling by the pool and watching the surfers.  The décor is gorgeous and the vibe is the epitome of Canggu!

La Brisa Canggu Bali

Favorite Restaurants


Crate is the BEST breakfast is Canggu.  It is a hot spot for all locals as the food is delicious, the portions are large and the price is insanely cheap (everything on the menu is $2.50). 


Peleton is my all-time favorite restaurant in Bali.  It is 100% vegan, but for all you meat lovers – I promise you will still love it.  The food is creative, fresh and absolutely incredible.  My favorite meal here is breakfast but you really can’t go wrong! 

Peleton Canggu Bali Vegan Restaurant

Shady Shack

Shady Shack is another one of my favorite go-to restaurants in Bali.  It is some of the best vegetarian food you will ever eat in a gorgeous setting.  I would recommend coming here for lunch.

La Barraca

La Barraca is next door to Shady Shack and my go to for Italian food.  Some of the best pizza and pasta in town in a small, romantic restaurant on the rice fields. 

Nalu Bowls

Nalu Bowls have the best smoothie bowls in town!  (This is actually next to our co-working space, called “Dojo” which is cool to check out if you are there).

Nalu Bowls Canggu Bali

Insider Tips:

  •  Best way to get around Canggu is by motorbike. You can usually rent one with the host of your Airbnb or at any of the rental stands you will walk by on Batu Bolong.  It is generally $2-5/day depending on how long you rent it for.  Otherwise, take BLUE taxis called Blue Birds.  Uber is sometimes available but not a reliable source in Bali. 

  •  Be careful exchanging your money! Go to money changers that are indoors and look reputable (not the shacks on the side of the road).  When the money changer hands you your money, make sure you count it yourself and do not let them touch the money again (many of them try to scam you by re-counting your money and hiding some of the bills). 


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