Top 5 Uses For Bikini Bags

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Our bikini bags have been flying off the shelves since we launched!

Not only do our prints scream summer and Bali vibes but the inside of our bags are water resistant making them super easy to rinse out and re-use! 

August Effects Bikini Bag

(Water resistant interior of all our bikini bags)

Although our bikini bags were made for you wet bikini, we quickly realized that our customers were using them in lots of creative ways! 

Customers told us they loved using their bags for travel, make-up, toiletries, and gym clothes! We also got some feedback that our original size was a bit small for one piece suits so we decided to add a few inches of extra room to the new designs. 

Our new and improved bikini bags are now perfect for your one piece as well as all your other travel adventures!

I rounded up the 5 most popular (as well as my personal favorites) uses for for our signature bikini bags! 

1. Bag for Your Wet Bikini or One Pieces Suit (duh!)

As you can probably imagine, the most COMMON use for our bikini bags are still for– yes, your wet bikini!

After a day at the beach, pool or the lake, put your wet suit in to ensure all the other essentials in your bag stay dry! 

August Effects Bikini Bag(Basah Bikini Bag – Surfers (with extra room) being used for a bikini)


August Effects Bikini Bag(Basah Bikini Bag – Cactus (with extra room) being used for a one piece)

2. Makeup Bag

I don’t know about you guys, but my makeup ALWAYS breaks in my makeup bags. I have gone through more makeup bags than I can count after a power or foundation spills everywhere and ruins my bag.

I started using one of my bikini bags for my makeup and am so excited that now when I have a makeup spill, all I have to do is rinse out the water resistant interior and my bag is back to new!

August Effects Bikini Bag(Basah Bikini Bag – Surfers (with extra room) – being used for all my makeup)

August Effects Bikini Bag

(All of the makeup above fit with tons of room to spare!)

Gone are the days when I have to get rid of a makeup bag because of a spill!

 3. Toiletries Bag

Ok, similar to the makeup bag, I have a toiletries mishap almost every time I travel! Whether it's my lotion exploding, my mouthwash cap coming loose or my toothpaste getting a hole in (that actually happened on my last flight), I’m always going through toiletries bags.  I LOVE using our new designs with extra room for toiletries because I can fit everything I need for a trip into one bag.  The best part is, when a spill or explosion happens, I easily rinse out the inside of the bags and it’s ready to be used again!

August Effects Bikini Bag

(Basah Bikini Bag – Cactus (with extra room) being used for all my toiletries)

August Effects Bikini Bag

(They all fit perfectly into this bag!)

4. Post Workout Bag for Gym Clothes

I used to work out at Equinox and loved that they provide little plastic bags for your sweaty clothes after the gym. It was so nice to have a designated bag to store those clothes so they didn’t have to touch everything else.

It was a great idea and super helpful but 1) I hate wasting plastic and 2) I stopped working out at Equinox - soooo I no longer had that option! Haha.

I started putting one of my bikini bags in my workout bag and quickly realized that they are the perfect bag for my sweaty clothes after a workout!

Not only do I not have to waste plastic, but when I get home I can throw the clothes in the wash, rinse out the inside of my bag (with a little soap and water in the sink) and wa-la! The bag is ready to be used again for my next sweat sesh!

August Effects Bikini Bag

(Basah Bikini Bag – Surfers (with extra room) – being used for my sweaty gym clothes. Note: I have shorts and a top in here but it also will fit leggings and a workout top!)

5. Use for Baby Spit Up Clothes (or Mom’s Spit Up Clothes)

Ok, this is one I don't have personal experience with as I don’t have a baby, BUT I have had a few customers tell me how they LOVE keeping their bikini bags in their baby bag.  It is the perfect bag to put the babies clothes when they spit up on themselves or have an accident.  Obviously, you don’t want to just throw those soiled outfits in your bag with everything else you have in there, so this is an amazing use of it!  ALSO – it can be great for mom’s clothes if the baby spits up or has an accident on her! 

August Effects Bikini Bag

(Basah Bikini Bag – Miami  (with extra room) – being used for soiled clothes)

So there you have it! Our bikini bags can be used for so much more than just your wet bikini! Get one for your makeup, toiletries, to throw in your gym bag or your baby bag! 

Hope this helps you get even more use out of your bikini bag (and if you don't yet own one - click here to shop!)

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