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Bikini Bag
Bikini Bag
Bikini Bag


Our Basah Bikini Bags are made for days when you just have to take a dip!  Basah means wet in Bahasa Indonesia and that’s because these bags are made for your wet bikinis. The inside of the bags are water-resistant - so put your wet swimsuit in after a day at the beach, pool or the lake and make sure your clothes, towel, and everything else in your bag stays dry! 

You’ll never head out without one of these again! 

  • Handmade with love by local people in Bali
  • Water resistant interior lining  
  • Leather zipper pull
  • Measurements: 8.75 in. W x 6.75 in. L
  • Materials: 50% Nylon & 50% Polyester
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash in cool water & line dry

*Please note our bags are water resistant and not 100% water proof.  We do suggest ringing out your suit prior to putting it in your bag ;-)